Product Designer / User Researcher / User Experience Designer

Valerie believes that design must solve a need, stir a desire for involvement, and shed light on a path that is enjoyable, trustworthy, and human.

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My Story 

Having worked freelance in multiple user interface projects, I knew the pain of designing without prior business and user knowledge. Often, I presented my final design to the upper management and received never-ending feedback and iterations. 

In mid 2016, I started transforming my skills into amalgamating user research into my designand like a lot of aspiring learners, I spent a lot of time reading books and attending courses in the related field. 

With my background in Bachelor Of Arts, I learned what abstraction and concept meant in a design context. I prefer to make designs with straight-forward messages, sharp shapes, and high contrast. As a designer, to learn the merits of abstraction, and appropriately employ them can be a lifelong process. I am still learning new things with new projects.

I often find myself exploring new territories with full belief that I can succeed. That is how I conquered a solo Southwest road trip in the US through stunning red mountains, canyons, cliffs, and the gorgeous desert and how I took up front end coding while managing a busy work schedule.

In my downtime, I enjoy watching true crime documentaries and have 2 four-legged sidekicks, Sake & Soju (A cat & a dog), who follow me around wherever I go.

I have read:

  • UX Lean Startup 
  • Articulating Design Decisions
  • Just Enough Research